People are core to what we create. We share their stories, with them in mind.

But people are also at the core of how we make things. On every project we make sure our cast, crew, collaborators and clients always get a fair deal.

Cause the best work comes from a creative collaboration where every voice is valued equal.

The High Tide team, Alex / Eathan / Ross and Sue posing for a team photo. Taken in the High Tide office located at Summerhall in Edinburgh.

Alex Porter-CURRIE

Alex Porter-Currie is a co-founder, and is High Tide’s Managing Director. She looks after clients and heads up new business. She was recently awarded a BIMA100 Award for High Tide’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

She also runs a bi-monthly lunch series for female agency leaders in Scotland. For more info visit Eventbrite or contact us.

Co-founder & creative director

Eathan Currie

Eathan Currie is a co-founder, and High Tide’s Head of Creative. He leads the creative team and films our work. He collaborates with agencies and clients to realise their vision.

Writer & Director


Ross Johnston is High Tide’s in-house writer & director. His job is to script our content and to develop how each film will look and feel.

Easily one of the best production companies I’ve worked with over the last few years. The level of conscientious work these folks put into the production on and off camera is the secret to their success. The work ethic, dedication to the project and care for the cast & crew can feel like an anomaly in this industry. You’re in safe hands on a High Tide shoot and I always look forward to when I have work in the calendar with the team!

George Harwood

We partner with purpose led brands, marketing teams and agencies to create films that make people feel something.

High Tide on a film set when making video content for Glenmorangie.

Let’s make some good sh*t together.