HIGH TIDE IS A film PRODUCTION agency that makes branded video content. We put people and the planet first.

Who are High Tide

High Tide was founded by Alex Porter-Smith & Eathan Currie. As creatives, their goal was to collaborate on impactful campaigns using working practices that benefit both people and the planet. We work with selected film crews of around five to ten people on each shoot; this keeps our carbon footprint low, whilst staying flexible when working on ambitious projects.

Alex Porter Smith and Eathan Currie smiling and leaning on a railing
Alex Porter Smith

Alex Porter-Smith

Alex Porter-Smith is a co-founder, and is High Tide’s Managing Director. She looks after clients and heads up new business.

Co founder creative director

Eathan Currie

Eathan Currie is a co-founder, and High Tide’s Head of Creative. He leads the creative team and films our work. He collaborates with agencies and clients to realise their vision.


Ross Johnston is High Tide’s in-house writer & director. His job is to script our content and to develop how each film will look and feel.

Our existence is centred around people, both in the content we make and the collaborators we work with. We tell stories about people, for people. By partnering with like-minded brands, marketing teams and agencies, we strive to create impactful, authentic, and inspiring content that entertains and empowers.

Across all of our productions, we make sure our cast, crew, and collaborators are always treated right. There are many ways we do this including paying APA rates, understanding accessibility needs and providing a safe and inclusive work environment. By fostering creative collaboration, we strive to create meaningful and impactful content that resonates with audiences around the world.