Film, video and TV production emits 13 tonnes of Co2 per hour of content created. That’s the equivalent of driving the circumference of the earth in a small car. We’re on a mission to change that, which is why High Tide has brought sustainably focused productions to the advertising sector.

High Tide film crew holding a camera on a swimming pool balcony making music video for Community Swimming Pool.

WHO Is iT For?

Creative director, Eathan Currie, filming two actors running when making video 'Lemon and Lime'.

We collaborate both with brands that have sustainability ingrained in their core values, and also with those eager to embark on their journey towards eco-conscious marketing.

What’s InVoLVED?

Before any shooting happens, High Tide looks at the way the video production may have ‘normally’ taken place. This might have included lots of energy (e.g. using generators), lots of harmful materials used (like fast fashion or plastic props), lots of travel, or catering that emits high levels of Co2. 

We look at what the footprint would have been, had the environment not been considered, and then reduce it as much as possible. For example; selecting energy efficient locations, sourcing second hand costume and props, selecting central locations so there’s less travel and providing vegetarian or vegan catering. 

A report is then created for the client to see the difference and see the impact the video production had. Example findings on our production with Zero Waste Scotland can be found here. Finally any impact that is made on the environment through the production is offset, with one of our offsetting partners that the client can choose from (including Scotland the Big Picture, Ocean Clean Up and Trees for Life).


First and foremost, the impact on the environment is reduced. 

In addition this allows our clients to see the impact on each individual shoot that they commissioned, and where the most impactful areas are. This will help them to reduce their footprint on future shoots – both through the briefs they provide and the suppliers they select. 

This helps our clients meet CSR objectives, support the local environment, and most importantly reduce the footprint of each shoot. Our average Co2 reduction on each job is 43%. We use AdGreen and BAFTA Albert calculators to measure and report our carbon data.

For more information please click here to see a short Loom Presentation all about it.


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Eathan Currie's hand with his film camera with water in the background.