Digi Ken?


Digi Ken?

A social media campaign bringing attention to the common pitfalls of cyber safety.

 A 27 Year old Hamster?

There are more than 14,000 cyber attacks in Scotland every year. Cyber Scotland and Muckle Media have been working hard to educate people about the different risks that are posed when using the internet, and required a series of social media shorts for people aged over fifty.

High Tide worked with Muckle Media and Cyber Scotland to create this video campaign featuring the comedy character “DigiKen” (played by the very talented Fred McCauley).

Filmed at the wonderful Up Next Studios, the films bring a light-hearted tone to a serious topic while inspiring people to take action and be safe online.

Muckle Media
Ross Johnston
Alex Porter-Currie
Camera & Edit
Eathan Currie
Fred McCauley

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