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Team 17

Hell Let Loose

In early 2023 we had the opportunity to work with our second games studio, Team 17. Working closely with the studio we produced a film for their recently acquired title Hell Let Loose, a World War 2 online shooter.

The next chapter

As personal fans of the title, it was an exciting opportunity to play a pivotal part in showing what Team 17 had in store for the community.

With years of exciting content and updates coming to the title, players of Hell Let Loose had a lot to look forward to.

Still image from our shoot for the game, Hell Let Loose.

Our main objective when shaping the visual tone was to capture the essence of the genre while infusing it with a more modern minimalist sensibility.

By filming at The Engine Works in Glasgow and employing creative lighting techniques we were able to give the film that touch of grandeur we were looking for, allowing it to stand out amongst other film content in the gaming space.

But looking back, we wouldn’t have said no to an Army Jeep…

“I’ve worked with High Tide on multiple projects at two separate companies and they’ve been fantastic every time. Really professional, high-level service and the content they create is outstanding. They go above and beyond and are really passionate about all the work that they do. I’d highly recommend them, they are a really nice team to work with!”

Sally Bruce – Brand Coordinator at Team 17

Team 17
Ross Johnston
Kat Tweedie
Managing Director
Alex Porter – Currie
DoP & Edit
Eathan Currie
Dan Koss
Camera Assistant
Callum Boath
Javi Lopez
Madeleine Drewell

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