Kick & Prance

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Kick & Prance

Our first dip into the world of dance. Having wanted to mash together a grandiose location with a funky dance number for a very long time, we wanted to do it right.

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Dancer, Hannah Collins, on film set for Kick and Prance.

The lovely people at Mellerstain House were kind enough to let us loose for the day in and around their stunning building.

We wanted to take full advantage of the location so having the camera travel through these elaborate spaces became an essential aspect of the film.

Teaming up with the extremely talented Hannah Collins, we were able to develop and capture a dance piece that truly captured the raw and punchy energy we envisioned for the film.

Kick and Prance was a great opportunity for us to explore different video genres and allowed us to push ourselves creatively, both in the way we shoot and in the way we edit.

Sometimes you have to break free from the routine and do a little dance.

Dancer, Hannah Collins, on location for dance video Kick and Prance.

“Wonderful production company, creating high quality and creative work! On top of that, they are bunch of talented and passionate people who are a joy to work with. I highly recommend getting in touch with any projects you want to bring to life.”

Kat Tweedie

Ross Johnston
DoP & Edit
Eathan Currie
Kat Tweedie
Talent & Choreography
Hannah Colllins
Exec Producer
Alex Porter-Currie

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