High Tide


What’s more cinematic than a field of wheat? People running through it. Chuck in some jewellery, cash and a getaway car and you get Lemon & Lime.

Crime Kinda pays

A screenshot from the film of actors Evans and Natalie sitting in long grass.

We set ourselves the challenge of creating a one minute, fast paced film with a strong visual aesthetic. A piece which would feel right at home in the world of lifestyle and fashion.

So we conjured up a story centred around a couple on the run.

With their rings and chains and piles of cold hard cash we follow the pair as they enjoy one last afternoon of reckless freedom.

Keeping things as fast paced as we could, our approach to the visual style of the film involved lots of handheld camera techniques, allowing us to create a feeling of urgency, intimacy, and a constant sense of heist themed action.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with High Tide on a number of occasions. Very efficient, friendly and hard-working team! Looking forward to working with them in the near future.

Evans Khumalo – Actor

Ross Johnston
DoP & Edit
Eathan Currie
AC / Stunt
Callum Boath
Harriet Miller
Evan Khumalo

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