Nothing But Net

High Tide

Nothing But Net

We’ve watched plenty of boring videos for boring brands. So we decided to set ourselves a challenge: Can we make a fun, engaging, entertaining film for a brand that pretty much everyone finds dull?

Get Active

Still image of basketballer in Edinburgh from our film shoot.

So we gave ourselves a brief: To make a film for a council / local authority who needed to promote their outdoor spaces to younger audiences.

We then got to work creating a narrative: A lonely young man, eager to show off his basketball skills, finds a fan in an unlikely place.

We then threw in a Rocky style workout montage, a little dog, a very rainy afternoon and a couple of slam dunks and we had ourselves a story.

Working with actor Liam Campbell we were able to bring out moments of comedy and charm, helping encourage people to get outdoors and have some fun.

Filmed at Buckstone and Morningside Park.

“Worked with High Tide on several rainy shoots. Alex, Eathan and Ross were absolutely amazing and didn’t let the poor weather get them down in the slightest.”

Liam Campbell – Actor

Ross Johnston
DOP & editing
Eathan Currie
Alex Porter-Smith
Ball player
Liam Campbell
Dog walker
Luan Porter

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