Sustainable Tourism

Historic Environment Scotland

Sustainable Tourism

Historic Environment Scotland has been asked a lot about ‘Sustainable Tourism’, so we helped them explain its meaning to the public.

Real Change

Screengrab from sustainable production for Historic Environment Scotland. Actor looks out of stain glass windows at Stirling Castle.

This was the first project that we measured the impact our productions have on the earth. Environmental factors were considered as important as creative and budget factors when making decisions.

We made a reduction of 114kg carbon dioxide compared to the same shoot if our Co2 emissions weren’t considered. This was offset through a donation to the charity Scotland The Big Picture.

“They were really accommodating towards our needs; their storyboarding and scripting gave great options and they were really responsive to feedback. So creative and collaborative. Visualised the project in ways I never would have.

Mostly though, I was so impressed by their commitment to ethical and sustainable production at all stages, and their transparency about the carbon footprint of the production. Looking forward to the next time we work together!”

Jennifer Farquharson

Ross Johnston
DOP & Editing
Eathan Currie
Alex Porter-Currie
Cam Assists
Calum Boath
Alex Tait
Voice Over
Sarah Grant

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