The New World of Vodka

Boë Vodka

The New World of Vodka

Boë Vodka is the new line drinks by House of Boë. The three flavours – Dark Fruits, Pink and Azzura, make anyone drinking them ready to light up the night.

Still image from Boe Vodka film shoot

We worked with the team at Tayburn to create a distinct series of film for the award winning Edinburgh drinks company, Boë Vodka.

Creating the vivid, energetic and absorbing feel of a lively night on the town through fast paced and dreamlike visuals, our aim was to link Boë Vodka with the music and lights of the nightclub scene.

Within the films, each of the three characters was carefully crafted to represent one of the three vodka flavours. Through thoughtful costume design and lighting choices, we were able to subtly highlight the unique qualities, flavours and styles of each vodka.

Still image of filming Boe Video content
Ross Johnston
DOP & Editing
Eathan Currie
Alex Porter-Smith
George Harwood
1st AC
Callum Boath
Liam Belcher
Art Direction
Gail Bowman
Kirstin Rodger
Make-up Artist
Samuel Mammone
Beth McCreadie / Cairo O’Neill / Siobhan Cameron / Chris Griffin / Holly Reshad / Tim Carlsen / Marcos De Faría

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